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LEAD GEN SERIES: Family & Friends Referral Party

Life of a not so NATURAL BORN, Realtor & Entrepreneur

Hey Love!!

It's me, your girl, Tiffanie T. I know it's only blog #2, but I feel like we're in a flow already! Today's blog is the start of a very exciting series I'm doing called, GET MORE LEADS IN 2022! I will be sharing fun and effective, out of the box ways to get more leads this year and beyond. Now, of course I'm a realtor, so that's who I'm primarily talking to. But, these tactics will work in just about any industry to grow your pipeline. So, let's dive in!

Today's lead generation strategy is HOSTING A FAMILY & FRIENDS REFERRAL PARTY! Grab pen and paper. I'm going to give you the step by step strategy to make this a success!

  1. CREATE AN INVITATION: Use,, or to create a fun and attention grabbing invitation. Make a list of your friends and family. Send out no less than 50 invitations! You want to ensure that you have a great turnout. You can set up the referral party to take place via zoom, in-person, or a hybrid of both! Example: the first 10 people to register will attend the party in person. The remaining guests will attend via zoom.

2. CREATE A SCRIPT : They're there to help you build your pipeline of potential buyers and sellers. Have a simple script prepared that they can copy and paste and share with 25-50 of their contacts along with your business card. (If they want to share more, that's great!) Have some upbeat music playing while everyone sends out their messages. Want to take it up a notch? Have your guests make phone calls! See a sample script below:

Hey Tim! How are you today? Listen, I'm helping my cousin Tiffanie with her real estate business. Know anyone looking to buy or sell their home right now or in the near future?

3. HAVE REFRESHMENTS : Your in-person party should absolutely have refreshments! You want to tell your guests thank you and you want them to go the extra mile for you. Be sure to feed them! People love food. You can even create a cute theme similar to the invitation above. Maybe you'll have mimosas, or wine, or a different specialty drink. But, you want them to be engaged and to have great things to say when it's over!

4. DO THIS QUARTERLY : Add this to your schedule to do once every quarter. This will allow you to break up the invitations and not feel the need to host all 100 of your friends and family at once. Also, there may be some people who could not make the first party but is more than willing to attend the next one. Lastly, for massive success, you must prospect massively. Use your family and friends network to build your net worth!


The last thing that I want to say about this referral party is that these last few years have been really rough on us all. Not only will this referral party help you grow your business, but you can be the one to bring together individuals who have not seen one another face to face in a few years! In addition to business, this will be a great opportunity to simply fellowship and spend time with those you don't get to see often. And who knows, you just might help someone else grow their business amongst the community you bring together.

If you decide to put this lead generation strategy to work, please reach out and let me know how it goes. I'm totally rooting for you!

Love you, see you next week

Signed, Tiffanie T.,


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